dimanche 31 mai 2009

Yerevan Municipal Elections 31.05.09

To Heads of Missions and International Organizations to Armenia,

Observation mission of COE Congress of Local Authorities

1. On February 2, 2009, resident of Yerevan S. Mikayelyan (Er. Kochar Str. 7, Ap. 10) has made a request to the Head of “Kentron” District, in order to receive tax advantage on property tax. “Kentron” District Council has rejected the request in writing (February 10, 2009) mentioning that the request will be brought up for the District Council discussion in the course of Fiscal Year 2009.
On May 30, 2009, one day prior to the City Council elections, the request of S. Mikayelyan on property tax advantage was approved by “Kentron” District Council.
2. On May 30 at around 8:00 p.m. members of ANC Nor Nork district Campaign headquarters have witnessed vote-buying. The fact was registered with the District Police. Photo is available.
3. At 8.21 a.m. in the PEC 7/ 08 Member of PEC Misakian Gor (from court department) has beaten up member of Comission from Heritage Party Gaguik Sargsian and proxy of Armenian National Congress Serjik Mkrtchian. At this moment protocol on violation is drafting.
4. In Avan district taxi services “Z” (62-62-62) and “Milena” (62-10-10) are collecting people in organized manner and taking them into PEC. Taxi “Z” belongs to number 2 in Republican Electoral list. In the meantime they don’t take orders from ordinary customers. The owner of Taxi service “Z” and minibus # 5 is Head of Avan District Taron Margaryan and all taxis and minibuses serve to transporting the voters from Narekatsi and Duryan Streets to the PEC in the neighborhood of Avan Cinema (10:30)
5. At 9:00 a.m. in the neighborhood of PEC 2/4 of Nor Nork District members of ANC campaign headquarters witnessed that voters approached a minibus stationed near the PEC and got paid before voting.
6. At 9:00 a.m. members of ANC campaign headquarters witnessed open balloting in PEC 9/20. The fact was registered in PEC.
7. Persons in green teashirts were trying to distance the voters from PEC-s in Ajapnyak/Davitashen District, except for the persons they recognize, whom they personally escort to PEC-s. This is blatant violation of Article 23 of RA Electoral Law.
8. Deputy Head of Ajapnyak/Davitashen district Armen Baghdasaryan is hindering the work of ANC proxies, local observers and journalists by arguing and scuffling with them.
9. In Shengavit District voters busing was registered by ANC representatives, which was prevented by them.
10. ANC proxy in PEC 8/02 of Malatya/Sebastya District Armen Abrahamyan was hindered from his work and then beaten up by Vardan Vardanyan, Chair of PEC.
11. In PEC 7/8 took place fighting. The circumstances are being clarified.
12. In Kentron District PEC 9/1, 9/2 and 9/3 located in Nalbandyan School journalist of “Chorrord Ishkhanutiun” Gohar Veziryan was beaten up by member of National Assembly Levon Sargsyan (known as Alraghatsi Lyov). ANC proxies were beaten up in the same PECs and were taken to the Police station. (around 10:30 a.m.).
13. People are transported from Gyumri by 16 Gazel minibuses (licence # 19 415, 18 594, 362 45, 16 393, 12711, 06 617, 17 953, 45 777, 18 053, 19 415, 45 032, 10 911, 45 746, 45 345, 10 918, 45 344) and 20 cars escorted by the Mayor of Gyumry Vardan Ghukasyan and Police cars (licence # 232 02, 340 01) to participate in voting. The gathering of minibuses in Gyumri was registered by the observers of Transparency International.
14. Ten minibuses were observed in the neighborhood of Ashtarak Police headquarters (licence # 45 LL 851, 13 068, 06 617, 11 237, 17 687) with residents of Gyumri. The buses headed to Yervan at 11:20 a.m..
15. In the yard of School # 35 in Aresh district unknown people from cars (licence # Ford 03 374) are distributing money among people (vote buying).
16. In PEC 2/28 servicemen in military uniform introducing himself as Gyurjanyan Vardan has stated that he was sent from # 3 military unit based in Martuni region of NKR to participate in the elections together with his friends who have Yerevan registration. Member of PEC commission from Heritage Party and ANC proxy have requested to register the violation, but the request was ignored and the incident wasn’t registered by PEC.
17. In all districts of Yerevan transportation of voters was reported (minibuses # 84, 46, 7 and others).
18. Observers of Transparency International reported gatherings and ballot-stuffing in PECs 8/05, 8/06, 07 of Malatya/Sebastya District.
19. In PEC 13/22 the supporters of Gagik Beglaryan take the voters to the next room and give them AMD 5 000 right in the PEC.
20. In PECs 9/04 and 9/05 located in School # 39 (Tskhakhotagortsneri Street) the voting is open and fighting took place.
21. Transportation of voters to PEC’s 9/1 and 9/2 of “Kentron” District located in 38 Nar Dos Street, school # 33, while the Chairman and members of PEC Commission ignore the complaints.
22. Transportation of voters to PEC 3/26 in Kanaker-Zeytun District and gathering of people.
23. In PEC 06/01 and 06/02 of Ajapniak District case of parallel voting is reported.
24. Transportation of voters by #4 minibuses from town of Abovyan.
25. Transportaion of voters by # 82 minibuses to PECs 7/05, 7/06/, 7/07
26. In PECs 11/33 located in school # 75 of Shengavit District the members of commission forcibly took away the ballots from the voters, filled the voting papers and voted.
27. In PEC 12/27 the members of commission forcibly took away the ballots from the voters, filled in and voted.
28. Transportation of voters to PECs 7/31, 7/32 by minibuses (1956U, 630U796). A Mercedes Jeep (licence # 400OU10) stationed near the PECs is distributing money to the voters (vote buying). There is gathering of young people in green teashirts (photos available).
29. Transportation of voters to PEC 13/17 in Aresh (Erebuni District) located in school #43 as well as in PEC located in prolonged school # 1 as well as carrousel voting is reported.
30. A group of persons headed by Vladimir Gasparyan, Head of Military Police of RA Defense Military, armed with submachine gun attacked territorial head of BHK campaign headquarters Ruben Gevorgyan (Tsaghik Rubo). One of the body-guards of the Head of Davitashen District (nephew of R. Gevorgyan) is reported wounded.
31. In PECs’ 9/01, 02, 03 Principal of school # 33 has imposed pressure on the observers, when the observers have pointed on illegal gatherings in the PECs.
32. Distribution of money among the voters near 1/26 PEC.
33. The chairman of Commission has brutally impeded the work of the observer, Chairman of Helsinki Association Mikayel Danielyan and didn’t allow him to enter PEC 8/27 and take shoot the process of elections.
34. Voting with military ID cards shot by GALA TV station.
35. Elderly people were transported to PECs of Avan District by taxis and private cars.
36. In the yard of 3 Narekatsi Street of Avan District Passport data of the voters are being filled in. The fact is registered and photos are available. Minibuses are stationed in front of Music School to transport the voters to the precincts. The fact is registered and photos are available.
37. In the yard of PEC 11/03 in Shengavit distribution of money was reported and the voters are transported to the precincts.
38. In Nor Nork 7 a fight between HHK and BHK supperters took place, as well as accumulation of Jeeps.
39. Open voting, stuffing at 14.15 in PEC’s 8/05, 8/06, 8.07 took place under the leadership of the Andrei Zatikian. Head of Municipal District of Malatia- Sebastia David Ohanian was also present during illegal actions. Personal cars of Zatikian and Ohanian (state plates 06060 and 60045) were in neighborhood.
40. At 14:45 lots of minibuses (labeled Luis Astgh and Kaizer) were stationed near the church of Malatya-Sebastia District.
41. Ballot stuffing took place by unknown group of people in 13/18 PEC in Erebuni.at 15:00 who attempted to implement carrousel voting as well. Members of PEC and ANC proxy have drafted a protocol.
42. PEC 4/05, Arabkir, 15:00. Open campaigning in favor of Republican party and Prosperous Armenia.
43. Malatia-Sebastia, PEC 8/15. Hayk Gevorgian, a candidate for the City Council from ANC has been beaten up.
44. Erebuni, 13/18 PEC. Stuffing attempt was prevented. 24 ballots marked for Republican – 7, Prosperous Armenia – 5 and Orinats Erkir – 12 were confiscated. Protocol was drafted.
45. ANC proxy in PEC 8/16 Malatya-Sebastya District Khachatryan Artiom reported that voting ballots were stolen. The proxy requested to register this fact but the Commission refused to register the violation. Journalist of A1+ was present.
46. Alarm was received from residents of 20, 22, 23 Aharonyan Street that representatives of District authorities were checking the participation of the residents of the said buildings and were offering financial support and as well as escorting to the precinct.
47. Transportation of voters and gatherings in the neighborhood of Tumanyan school in Shengavit were reported.
48. In PEC 10/24 of Kentron District members of commission provided the voters with voting papers damaged while tearing the stub of the ballot saying that they were valid.
49. In PEC 8/3 of Malatya-Sebastya a woman cast 15-20 ballots. The proxy has noticed that and called the police officer. The Police officer tried to see the proxy off the precinct.
50. Ballot stuffing in PEC 7/7 (Malatya-Sebastya) by HHK member of Commission Hovhannes Sargsyan in presence of BHK (Prosperous Armenia) member Metaksya Khachatryan.
51. In PEC 6/01 (Ajapniak) 15:15. Proxy of ARF Dashnaktsutiun revealed a person possessing the passport of the member of the PEC from Orinats Yerkir Melsida Azarian.
52. PEC 12/31, Shengavit, 15:40. The ANC proxy reported that second door was opened in the PEC from the Republican party (HHK) campaign headquarters. Protocol is drafted.
53. PEC 8/01, Malatia/Sebastia, 15:50. Observer from Transparency International regported stuffing. Journalist representing “Hajkakan Jamanak” was not allowed by the members of commission to take pictures. The journalist’s photo camera was forcefully taken by the members of PEC.
54. Sovetashen District, 16:20, Open campaigning of the representative of the Republican party.
55. PEC 13/24 and 13/25. A big group of unknown persons is putting pressure on the members of commission and the proxy of ANC.
56. PEC 8/05, 16.50. Violence is used on Armineh Avetian, journalist of “168 Jam” newspaper and Sona Aivazian, observer from Transparency International. More that 100 ballots were stuffed.
57. PEC 7/05, 16:50. Chairman of the PEC put psychological pressure on members of the PEC, proxy of the ANC was forced to leave the PEC. Observer reported on total stuffing.

by Vladimir Karapetian
Armenian National Congress
Foreign relations